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Welcome to Pirrion, a luxury and comfort station in beautiful Zagorohoria, setting high standards in hospitality

Welcome to Pirrion, a high standard hospitality hotel, a mountain born fairy tale. From the fabled palace of Pyrros, King of Molossi, to our sweet journey in Central Zagori, now you can travel in tradition’s other dimension.

Within only a few years, Pirrion has transformed into an elegant mountain resort. Suites straight out of a fairy tale, which include a fire place, a jacuzzi and Cocomat bed systems for dreamy nights. All rooms are named after Spoon Sweets (Bergamot, Sour Cherry) as a tribute to seasonality and mediterranean diet that are traditional indicators of hospitality. The decoration changes follow the seasons (lit fireplaces, holiday ornaments, scented candles, local folklore elements). During the summer, visitors may enjoy their dinner on the cool terraces of Pirrion savoring the view as well as the flavors.

Visitors may enjoy their conversation by the fireplace with the accompaniment of a bottle of wine right off our wine cellar. They may relax at the Bar with some help from our book or film collection. There is also the recreation room, where they may play billiards or board games. There is soft music playing in all areas for positive energy. Pirrion offers the possibility to attend Massage/Yoga classes as well as environmental tourism activities, outdoor wine tasting or cultural events. Children’s care is embraced here with kids’ chairs, playpens and children’s books. Pirrion is across the street from a playground and the village square which is excellent for riding a bike in nature. You can even enjoy your breakfast in bed (especially if you are newlyweds).

You can enjoy our kitchen’s flavors if you have lunch or dinner, or if you choose to have your wedding or christening banquet at our restaurant.


Our grandfather’s Kostas X. Trakis’ heritage in Epirus’ traditional folk singing with his music band, “Perikloutsia” is still alive in Pirrion. The band was a pole of attraction during family feasts all around the Epirus mountains. You will find here pictures and photographs, old records, files and books about our family tradition still carrying grandfather’s spirit; he was the one who carved the first foundation shist stone in Pirrion when it was just a small mountain house.

And as our family was growing through time on the Zagori mountains, we supported our dream on our feelings for the place.

A unique destination of hospitality and tradition that will make you feel at home.

Green Direction

Preservation and protection of the area’s natural beauty and environmental sustainability are the main concerns of Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel. The family business combines an agrotouristic conscience with ecological philosophy in order to return to travellers mother earth’s “gifts”. The family, holding its own ecologic concerns as a principle, provide the travellers with an environmental coordination, and Pirrion with saving, thus choosing alternative management ways, in total harmony with the natural landscape. Staying in a Green hotel nowadays, wether it is for pleasure, or business, is of essential meaning. Saving energy and empowering our natural wealth are the motives, an act that, at the end of the day, comes back to us.

  • Important actions towards Green direction
  • Air energy fireplaces for heating common spaces
  • Low consumption lighting lamps
  • Air-water heat pumps
  • New oil boiler
  • Electrical appliances of high energy performance
  • Avoid actions that cause pollution
  • Reduction of the electric current use
  • We say no to needless use of paper and printouts
  • We prefer electronic communication to letters, etc
  • We prefer buying local and ecological products
  • We hire local people
  • Lighting of higher energy performance factor
  • Amplification of natural lighting
  • Toilet flush with less water consumption
  • Use of biological detergents
  • We change the towels in your rooms when you ask for it, in order to save water and the use of detergents
  • Recycling (Paper-Plastic-Glass-Aluminum-Batteries-Cooking Oils and organic waste from food leftovers, pruning remnants, etc)


Zagori is an area in the Ioannina Prefecture in Epirus, in Northwestern Greece. The word Zagori comes from Slavic, from the proposition Za which means “behind” and the noun gora which means “mountain”. In antiquity its inhabitants were called «Parorei», those living behind the mountains. The Zagori villages-Zagorohoria are scattered on the foot of Pindos Mountain range.

Geographically speaking, Zagori is formed in the south by Mitsikeli mountain (which raises above the Ioannina lake), in the west by the roadway connecting Ioannina to Konitsa, in the northwest by beautiful Konitsa (through which runs Aoos River), in the north by Aoos valley (the valley between Konitsa and Vassilitsa mountain).

In the northeast by the North Pindos National Park (the unified “Vikos-Aoos” and “Valia Kalda” National Parks), in the east by the artificial lake of Aoos springs and in the southeast by part of Egnatia Road between Metsovo and Arachthos River (the bridge of Baldouma).

Ano Pedina, Agios Minas, Aspraggeli, Vitsa, Dikorfo, Dilofo, Dipotamo, Elati, Elafotopos, Kaloutas, Kato Pedina, Manassis, Mesovouni, Monodendri, Agia Paraskevi, Anthrakitis, Greveniti, Demati, Doliani, Elatochori, Itea, Kavalari, Karies, Kastanonas, Makrino, Petra, Potamia, Tristeno, Flabourari. Papigo, Vradeto, Vrysochori, Iliochori, Kapesovo, Kipoi, Koukouli, Lesta, Leptokarya, Negades, Skamneli, Tsepelovo, Fragades, Vovousa is a complex of the almost 47 villages in Zagori. They are linked by common architectural, cultural and historical elements.

They are built according to local folklore, in which stone and wood hold a prominent position. During the period of Turkish rule, Zagorohoria manage to gain favor with High Gate, thus establishing autonomous province with important privileges. Prosperity in the area continues with the founding of schools. Traditional medicine flourished in the form of “Vikos’ doctors” who gathered herbs from the gorge. Many Enlightenment scholars, like N. Doukas and Ath. Psalidas came from Zagorohoria.

After the death of Ali Pasha starts the period of decline. Almost all villages have a central square with at least one centenarian plane tree standing in the middle of it. This is where all festivals take place, the biggest event of the year. Local folklore musicians used to entertain the locals and still do. All local dancers gather in a circle with the leading dancer dancing first. Most churches in Zagori date from the 17th century, even though some older archaic foundations survive.

Complete Hospitality Services

Pirrion wellness boutique hotel is an award-winning Mountain Resort in Zagori, Epirus with a reference to the best greek country breakfast, distinguished for its innovative practices and its creative solutions in the field of hospitality. It stands out for the quality of its rooms, the alternative hotel unit management in its total, working around the year, its complete organisation, the variety of its traditional products, its agrotouristic profile & the willingness to offer a Top Level Touristic Product based on International Standards.

Ask us for…

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Festive lunch/dinner
  • Room Service
  • Turndown service
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Wine tasting-Wine


Lounge Bar

With lots of candles and dimmed lighting, the atmosphere is relaxing and calming. In the morning, you can take your coffee there and try some of the amazing sweets. During the day, have some liqueur while listening to lounge music. In the evening, you can come in with an uplifted mood and enjoy a glass of wine out of our modern cellar. This bar is one of the best equiped in alcoholic beverages in Zagori. Here, by the old film projector, memories are made special, like in the old days cinema.

Entertainment Room

Pirrion wellness boutique hotel offers you a special place where you can spend your free time in a pleasant way with your friends, play pool, table Air Hockey, Ping Pong, darts, enjoy your drink and listen to the music of your choice. It can also be turned into a children’s films projection area so that you can enjoy your meal or drink in a more carefree way.

Conference Room

Pirrion wellness boutique hotel, rising to the contemporary challenges, features a conference room for 20 people, for small company meetings, seminars. The conference room is a quiet professional area complete with modern audiovisual equipment and unique aesthetics.

Weddings/ Christenings/ Parties

Whether it’s an unforgettable wedding party or your child’s christening, choose Pirrion wellness boutique hotel to transform your stay into a wonderful memory. In Pirrion the party starts from the family, the banquet brings joy and emotions embrace your most precious moments. The monasteries and old churches are only a few meters away from the hotel. The village’s central church is only 100m from the hotel. Choose your favourite menu, organise your party and enjoy your dream. Come and let us help you organise the most beautiful of your dreams.

Especially to the newlywed couples that will have their wedding banquet or christening in the hotel, we provide the bridal suite, free of charge, with champagne, fruit and the most romantic breakfast served in bed the following morning!

Corporate Events

Our enticing package proposal about organising unique training trips or educational seminars for your executives in our hotel, you can be certain will be unique, with many benefits for your company, clients and executives.

Pirrion’s great experience makes us capable, no matter the nature of the challenge, to live up to each company’s needs. Pirrion offers proposals and complete services for organising conferences, presentations, exhibitions, corporate happenings & events. The hotel features a restaurant, lounge-bar, lounge, 15-20 people conference room and an entertainment room. Our experienced and specialised team has the technological background to plan and organise professional and scientific meetings, organizations’ seminars, product presentations, corporate presentations as well as gala-dinners, special event dinners, with outmost professionalism and originality!

You can try a wine tasting trip of local varieties next to Voidomatis River or by the Gorge and be certain to discover new experiences! The best assurance of our services quality are the companies that have already trusted in us.

Greek Cuisine Creations

Traditional recipes from Zagorohoria

Our restaurant has a dominant position at the entrance of Pirrion.

Genuine greek traditional cuisine with mediterranean and international flavors that impress the eye and challenge the senses.

Relax and enjoy your meal in an idyllic environment with an amazing view, by the warmth of the fire, and pair it with a drink from our carefully selected wine cellar.

All our meals are made of top quality local raw materials, fresh products, our love and passion.

Restaurant Menu

Choose your favourite meal

Combining a warm environment of great luxury, the feast of flavors, the unique moments of relaxation and peace and the rich wine menu excite the most demanding food critic in Zagori villages:

Appetizers and Sides-Salads with herbs and Vegetables-Soups-Handmade Bread-Zagori Pies-Legumes-Pasta and Rice-local Poultry-Casserole Meat and Game and Marinades-Vegan and Diet Dishes, Yogurt with thyme honey to help with digestion, aromatic herbal tea and, finally, amazing spoon sweets, cookies, traditional biscuits, sweets and garnishes accompanied by beverages, special drinks, liqueurs and Cocktails!

Our delicious suggestions

Breakfast with Greek products

  • Boiled frumenty with local feta cheese, a choice of 8 home made jams on handmade bread, cheese pie and caramelized French toast with yogurt and orange spoon sweet.
  • Coffe or tea, milk and orange juice.
  • Traditional chicken pie with home made zagori crust.

Lunch With Epirus recipes

  • Pirrion salad with 4 different vegetables, orange, roasted pine nuts, pomegranate and sesame
  • Spinach tart with wild mushrooms and Metsovone cheese
  • Saganaki grilled cheese with home made wildplum jam.
  • Cream soup made of potato, leek, chestnut and crabapple
  • Young lamb pot roast or smoked steak with bone

Dinner With Zagorohoria flavors

  • Fantasia salad with cabbage, crabapple, chestnuts, raisins and apple dressing.
  • Traditional chicken pie with home made zagori crust.
  • Galotyri buttermilk
  • Rooster soup
  • Casserole pork accompanied by mashed sweet potatos and plums or chicken with colored bell peppers on a rosemary stick accompanied by grilled vegetables

Cava Pirrion

Our family’s passion for good wine made Pirrion’s unique wine cellar one of the most special and complete examples of the kind in Zagori nowadays. Today you can find greek wines from Crete to Evros but also foreign labels. Different varieties growing in different climates each expressing their oenologists’ different passion. Lovely liqueurs from international vineyards and a wide variety of drinks and distillations from all over Greece and from special mountainous climates of Epirus. You may also find Magnum bottles and aged reds to aged tsipouro. Discover wine’s magic world through a revealing tasting! Enjoying wine here becomes a complete culinary experience, as it is combined with traditional viands of the Zagori cuisine and fine products. It only takes one visit to this unique space to discover that our Wine cellar is the ultimate destination for the people seeking authenticity, quality, aesthetics, true maturity and immaculate service.


Hammam – Eudemonia (Bliss)

In the Orient, “Hammam” ( حمّام‎ ) are public baths, with both hot and cold water, where the hot water is heated through a special process and where temperatures reach around 40 degrees.

The history of the Hammam goes deep back into the centuries, from the Ottoman Empire and the Romans, right back to the Mesopotamian civilizations and the Ancient Greeks. Hammams have been praised not only for purifying the soul but also for their incomparable architecture and the unique designs and complex motifs by their creators throughout the world. Important military decisions were made there by male warriors whilst the women, in different sections, entertained themselves, discussing their woes and drank infusions from selected tea leaves.

Regardless of any erotic or religious ritual, it is a fact that the water and steam tone and invigorate the body and allow the pores of the skin to open, whilst the massage offers a feeling of deep relief and healthiness, improves for blood circulation and allows the body to fully relax.

At Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel we consider ourselves to be a place where the culture of the Hammam is continued. A wellness dream in the mountains. We welcome you to our new enchanting facilities named “Hammam – Εudemonia”, the only one in Zagorochoria, so that you may experience the authentic ritual of bathing care.


Traditional Hammam (self service)
Ali Pasha Hammam
Journey Hammam

Types of Hammam

Traditional Hammam

A journey into a world of deep relaxation and wellness

It is the most well-known and widespread type of hammam during which you can enjoy the beneficial effects of taking care of yourself or your partner. We provide any necessary accessories such as loofah sponges, hydrating soap in flakes. The aim is revitalization and relaxation!

It involves the oriental practice of exposure to steam through a steam bath and is considered to be a wet version of the sauna. It has been a method of body and soul purification, relaxation and wellbeing since ancient times.

The hammam helps remove toxins from the body, contributes to good blood circulation, but also helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

Because of  increased humidity in the chamber, muscular tension is reduced, increasing the sensation of wellbeing and calmness

The soap provided for your use is 100% Natural Olive Oil Soap enriched with Coconut, Avocado, Rice and Carite Butter oils. It hydrates deeply, nourishes the skin, increases its elasticity and accelerates regeneration, thanks to the high content of vitamins and fatty acids in the miraculous oils. Ideal for the face, body, and hair, both for children and for adults, with a fragrance from the essential oils of mastic, neroli, bergamot and lemongrass.

You can combine a hammam with the following:

A face mask applied to your face while you enjoy your bath in the hammam chamber.

An extremely nourishing hair mask, rich in vitamins and metals.

Natural soap with Argan oil and apricot grains for velvety and glowing  skin. It nourishes, protects from dehydration and the antioxidant properties of the Argan oil protect from the effects of aging. The apricot grains, massaged gently, deeply cleanse face and body.  Fragrance from essential oils of lavender, jasmine, rose

Therapeutic foot bath with Epsom salts. Their effects are due to magnesium and sulphate which are absorbed by the skin and help remove toxins from the body. The footbath helps relieve the muscles, and alleviates pain from cramps, and tired or swollen feet. It exfoliates the skin, keeping it smooth and shiny. Fragrance from essential oils of cedar, lavender and tea tree

Our unique hospitality is completed with a ritual treat of aromatic tea and locoum.

Duration: 60’

Ali Pasha Hammam

An unforgettable experience of wellbeing and rejuvenation!

It is very special ritual starting with a toning steam bath which, thanks to the beneficial properties of the water, helps the body unwind and remove toxins and tensions. It continues with deep exfoliation, using a traditional sponge, during which dead cells are removed. It is completed by a full-body soap massage, hair-wash and head, neck and face massage. A special touch is given by the 100% natural olive oil soap enriched with Coconut, Avocado, Rice and Carite Butter oils. It hydrates deeply, nourishes the skin, increases its elasticity and accelerates skin regeneration, because of the high vitamin and fatty acids content of the oils. Ideal for the face body and hair. Fragrance of the essential oils from Mastic, Neroli, Bergamot and Lemon grass.

Abandon yourself to the experienced hands of our specialists and enjoy the journey.

Our unique hospitality is completed with a ritual treat of aromatic tea and locoum.

Duration: 60’ – 90′ (pax 2)

 Journey Hammam

A unique journey in time.

A journey of relaxation, beauty and deep cleansing.

Lie down, relax and abandon yourself to the hands of our experienced colleagues. To start with, a face mask is applied which is then uniquely combined with a beneficial Epsom salt foot bath which effectively helps to relieve muscles. The face mask exfoliates the skin, leaving it smooth and Glowing. Fragrance of essential oils from Cedar, Lavender and Tea tree. The ritual continues with full-body deep exfoliation with a special glove and a natural soap with Argan oil and Apricot grains for velvety and glowing skin. The apricot grains gently massage the face and body for velvety, glowing skin. Fragrance of essential oils from Lavender, Jasmine, Rose. The highlight of the experience is the relieving body massage using the rich foam of a 100% natural olive oil soap enriched with Coconut, Avocado and Rice oils and Carite Butter. The fragrance is of essential oils from Mastic, Neroli, Bergamot and Lemongrass. This unique experienced is completed with a relaxing head massage and hair wash with a rich foam from pure olive soap completed with a nourishing hair mask.

The ritual is concluded with an aromatic tea, locoum, Champaign from biological grapes and nuts

Duration: 90’

Outdoor Hydromassage (In/out Pool-Jacuzzi)

There are times when you do not want to go down to the sea or run to the river Sometimes, whether in the heart of winter or on a cool summer night or early in the morning, whilst gazing at the dawn, you just want to lower your body into a warm water bubble, a womb that will embrace you in its liquidity.

Many people believe that the Jacuzzi was invented in Japan, while others maintain it was in Italy, where it was used to relieve patients of chronic pains and to reduced inflammation. Enjoy the unique experience of our outdoor Hydro massage in Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel, during all seasons, with a view of the surrounding mountain peaks.


Every therapy in Pirrion is a unique holistic approach for your body’s regeneration. Your stay here can reach a whole new spiritual level. The hand massage techniques stimulate the mind, soothe the senses and detox the tissues. A therapeutic action is achieved with the use of herbal and biological products.

Escape from stress and enjoy the Zagori nature not only on the outside but also inside your body with a beneficial and relaxing massage. This unique experience will be imprinted on your body. The magic is here. Give your heart the gift of an unprecedented feeling of touch – let every shadow and out of place thoughts blow away towards the mountains. Let yourself feel free. You are part of the real journey. Sleep as a bird & fly as a bird!


The word yoga comes from the sanscrit root «yuj» and it means “knowledge of your mind and body”. It has beneficial effects on our body, system and disposition, and it helps with musculoskeletal problems.

Yoga in Pirrion was created with the aim to offer relaxation from the tension accumulated from every day’s intense rythms and also to help build inner mind and body harmony and tranquillity in a unique space close to nature. You can choose from three different programs the one that suits you best.

Packages and Special Services

Enjoy the services of Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel adapted exclusively to your own unique wishes.


Marriage proposal & wedding night with spa use

Take advantage of your stay in the bridal suite of the Pirrion and experience unique moments for you and your partner on this special day for you. Abandon yourselves to the services of our experienced staff and relax in the hammam chamber. Allow our hydromassage, air massage and color therapy to lead you on a journey under the starry sky.

 Privet use of the spa

The celebration of personal and special occasions in the hammam and the jacuzzi is always impressive, as their uniqueness adds another dimension to every personal moment. The celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions under the candlelight and the special relaxing music with private use of the hammam and hydromassage, adds a different dimension to your moments.

 Bachelor parties, wellness & spa

In spa area you will not just relax during your pre-wedding bachelor party or hen night… You will experience unique moments of relaxation and invigoration. There are moments in our life that we will never forget, moments when we deserve the luxury of rejuvenation. At Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel we are at your disposal to help you create your own unique moments that will remain unforgettable.

Corporate programs with spa use

The relaxation services of the Pirrion spa can be transformed into original corporate gifts for your associates. Our integrated services aim to improve the mental health and well being of your employees, reward their loyalty and motivate them to continue their performance.

Try a meeting in the special hammam chamber, demonstrate your diversity and take advantage of the energy of the area.

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  • Pirrion wellness boutique hotel is a promise of a fantastic journey to the Zagori mountains, it is a real European standard Μountain Resort
  • Pirrion, beyond a hotel, has acted as a space of culture, successfully hosting several artists’ exhibitions (painters, photographers and writers)
  • “Hammam – Εudemonia”, the only one in Zagorochoria, so that you may experience the authentic ritual of bathing care
  • Enjoy the unique experience of our outdoor Hydro massage, during all seasons, with a view of the surrounding mountain peaks
  • The hand massage techniques stimulate the mind, soothe the senses and detox the tissues
  • Yoga in Pirrion was created with the aim to offer relaxation from the tension accumulated from every day’s intense rythms
  • Enjoy the services of Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel adapted exclusively to your own unique wishes
  • COCO-MAT four layer sleep system of natural materials
  • Fireplace in 5 out of 10 bedrooms and in the common areas
  • Pillow menu
  • Creative Greek Cuisine Restaurant

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