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Infinite Possibilities & Exceptional Travel Experiences

Experience Cyclades through our unique Island-Hopping Services,

Enjoy Excursions to the most fascinating places and live an extraordinary holiday experience. We provide accommodation solutions for every budget and every taste.

Our Luxury Hotels & Villas and Beach Frond Boutique Hotels are renowned for their extraordinary location, their warm hospitality and the distinguished services.

We provide services that cover almost all travel and tourism activities.

We can cater for your transportation and organize your private or group tours throughout the island as long as you like, while guaranteeing of meeting all your expectations.


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We make your vacations the most unforgettable experience.



Boat Excursions & Tours

Have you ever dreamed about a sailing experience in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece? Kamari Tours organizes boat tours and excursions in the magnificent island of Santorini. Discover the island and its top locations in an extraordinary cruise made especially for you. The only thing you should do is step aboard!

Ethereal, imposing, enchanting. Those are the words that can describe perfectly the greatness of the island. Here you can find more than you have ever imagined! Visit the picture-perfect villages with sophisticated architecture. Explore the world-famous excavations sights and let them narrate the history of the island. Enjoy the awe-inspiring sunset in the edge of the caldera. Take a steaming bath into the hot springs. Savour the exquisite Santorinian wine with its impeccable taste. Our Santorini bus excursions give you the chance to explore the island from different perspectives and get to know the Santorinian mentality and lifestyle. For a hassle-free and fast reservation, you have the privilege to book the bus excursion of your preference online!

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Private Tours

If you enjoy the small pleasures of life, then this experience is definitely for you! Kamari Tours gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Santorini in a more lavish way. You might want to keep the highlights of the island only for yourself or you might want to share this special trip with your group of people. Whatever the case, we assure you that this tour will stay with you forever!

Santorini is calling you! This island is the ideal destination for luxury lovers and dreamers. If you belong to one of these categories then you are in the right place! After all, Santorini is not a typical island. It is a destination of undeniable charm, where the blue and the white are combined perfectly giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘’scenic’’. Is there a more suitable way to discover the island’s secrets than a private Santorini tour? Kamari Tours offers you two V.I.P. tour options, tailor-made to your personal needs and preferences. You are only a few minutes away from this amazing experience. Just book online the V.I.P tour of your preference for a quick and stress-free reservation!

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Bus Excursions & Tours

Are you looking for a relaxing and affordable way to explore the most popular sights and locations of Santorini? You are in the right place! Kamari Tours organizes bus tours and excursions in the magnificent island of Santorini. From excavations points to wine tasting adventures, our Santorini bus tours are the ideal way to get in touch with the eternal beauty of the island’s scenery. Turn your camera on and let’s begin!

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Santorini Car Rental

Santorini, also called Thira is the most preferred tourist destination in Greece and one of the most famous islands in the world as well. What makes Santorini so special, is the unique architecture of the villages and the picturesque scenic. The wonderful caldera villages and the fabled sunset will definitely amaze you! However, there are numerous things to do and places worth visiting in Santorini Island.

Kamari Tours Excursions offers a huge range of a renewed fleet of cars, in order for you to have the opportunity to explore the secret treasures of the most precious gem of the Aegean. Act without delay and rent a car in Santorini! Νavigate through our website, uncovering our fleet of cars and rent the car that is best suited to you.

Discover Santorini

Start your adventure by renting a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500 Cabrio if you are a group of 4 friends. Mini Cooper or Fiat 500 can promise you easy and comfortable transportation to Fira, which is a cultural and commercial centre with white houses and small paved streets. Fira is also known for the most vivid nightlife with plenty of night-clubs!

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Top Attractions

Red Beach

Red Beach in Santorini is famous all over the world, it is the most popular among the beaches of the island and a true attraction that depicts the special nature of this place. It is located in the southeastern part of Santorini, in the surrounding area of Akrotiri, about 8 km from Fira. The name itself betrays what visitors are about to face when approach the beach. This beach is indeed red and literally everything in this magnificent scenery is also red. More specifically, red impressive rocks that form steep cliffs, red sand and a deep blue sea, which reflects that bright red as well.

The volcano of Santorini created the most wondrous piece of art at Red Beach. The even more impressive thing is that nature itself continues to work on this piece of art, as sun, rain water, wind and salt keep “forging” the rocks and constantly give them new shapes. Depending on the time of day, Red Beach sometimes looks like fire red and sometimes like dark velvet. In order to approach Red Beach, you need transportation. An alternative is by walking from archaeological site of Akrotiri following the respective signs. When you reach the beach, you will see the beautiful traditional chapel of St. Nicolas. From there, a footpath starts leading you to the place with a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire Red Beach. You can continue your walk to reach the beach following the same path at your own risk as the rocks are unstable and there has been a rock fall a couple of times so far.

If you want to swim in Red Beach, but at the same time you do not want to go through the footpath, you can always take a boat tour or hire a yacht. By doing so, you can enjoy the stunning scenery Red Beach offers, swim into these crystal blue transparent waters and, of course, stay away from the crowd.

Kamari Black Beach

Kamari Black Beach is a very popular beach in Santorini primarily for 2 reasons. On the one hand, it can be easily accessed, and on the other hand, it is very safe and ideal for all types of visitors. The beach is covered by black volcanic sand, while on the left side rises from the sea a huge rock, known as Mesa Vouno. Also, it is 5 kilometres long, with crystal clear waters. In fact, Kamari Beach is a Blue Flag awarded and includes a lifeguard, making it perfect for families with little children. Without a doubt, Kamari beach is an impressive landmark that worth a visit!

Moreover, the beach is well-organized, including sunbeds, umbrellas and showers as well as it offers a big range of water sports activities. If you are an adventure guy, not miss the opportunity to experience water activities at Black Beach such as skiing, surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing and other. Near the beach, you will also find a football and a volleyball court. You and your family can enjoy here unique moments of peacefulness and relaxation!

The location of the beach is in Kamari village, 10 km southeast of Fira. At Kamari, you can find plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs. The traditional Cycladic aesthetic of the village along with the stunning views will definitely amaze you!

Important Information

6 km from the airport

10 km from port (Athinios)

9 km from capital (Fira)

13 km from Perissa beach

Swim in the Hot Springs

Dive in the green thermal waters of the famous Hot Springs! If you are about to take a boat tour visiting the volcano, the boat trip will certainly take you also to the amazing hot springs. A really cool and unforgettable experience!

Watch the Sunset in Oia

The adorable and famous village of Oia is located at the north-west tip of Santorini, 11 km north of Fira. The village is known for its tranquil life and the fantastic sunset. Without a doubt, Oia is the most beautiful and scenic village of Santorini with incredible sunsets. The two most popular spots from where you can watch the sunset are, the Castle of Oia or next to the three Blue Domes. The first, offers a stunning view of the windmills and the whitewashed buildings, while the second one includes the view of the blue domes and the sound of the church bells. Whichever you select, it will be an unforgettable moment for you and your beloved.

Hike to the Top of the Volcano

One of the greatest attractions in Santorini is the renowned volcano. You will find it at Nea Kameni, the volcanic island which is located in the middle of Santorini Caldera. You can either hike to the top of the volcano or you can approach it by sea. Keep in mind that with a boat tour you will have the opportunity to approach the crater of the still-active volcano, to admire the incredible lava formations and the fantastic view.

Take a Cable Car ride from Old Port to Fira

If you want to get from Santorini old port to Fira, you have two options, cable car or donkey ride. We recommend you to take the cable car option, as it offers amazing views to the island, besides it is a fun way. Conversely, taking a donkey, it may be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Find here all top attractions in Santorini !


Religious Santorini

Explore the Famous Blue-Domed Churches in Santorini

Santorini is the precious gem of the Aegean and this hides no exaggeration at all!  The unique rough landscape with the steep cliffs, the famous caldera, the volcanic black sand beaches, the romantic sunsets and the impressive Cycladic architecture of the buildings and the villages can confirm that. What also really stands out for the distinct architecture are the religious monuments of the island. Chapels, churches and monasteries featured with the Cycladic characteristics are scattered throughout the villages.

In fact, Santorini includes more than 600 temples both Orthodox and Catholic, basilica and cross types, outstanding for their unique aesthetic with blue domes and white-washed buildings. Undoubtedly, they worth a visit!

Find here the guide with the most famous blue-domes churches and monasteries in Santorini will definitely help you!

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  • Admire beautiful views of Santorini while you sail
  • Admire spectacular sunset in Oia
  • Combine history with gastronomy on this half-day Santorini tour and explore the island’s most important wineries.
  • Discover the age-old winemaking traditions of Santorini
  • Enjoy a free wine tasting
  • Enjoy culinary and wine delights
  • Enjoy panoramic views
  • Enjoy the personalized itinerary of a private tour
  • Experience a sunset cruise
  • Explore Akrotiri Excavations with a guide
  • Explore Fira Town and Oia to admire beautiful sunset views
  • Explore hidden parts of the island most tours don’t cover
  • Explore the best spots in Santorini including monasteries, villages, and excavations
  • Get conveniently from one place to another
  • Professional driver
  • Relax on beautiful beaches, Perivolos and Red beach
  • See a volcanic crater and swim at the hot spring
  • Specialized bilingual guide is included
  • Visit local vineyards and a wine museum for an overview
  • Visit the famous Red Beach
  • Visit the famous Volcano of Santorini

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Created with Sketch. Kamari, Santorini, Greece
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