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We welcome you to the wonderful world of the sea, to the wondrous world of DIAMOND YACHTING.

Our company is active in the field of recreational boat reservations through an interactive electronic platform which is offered for hire by shipowners.It is aimed at all you who love sea travel.

DIAMOND YACHTING’s strictly selected recreational boats are here to offer you the maximum enjoyment,independence and safety you are looking for during your holiday season and beyond.

Choose from sailing boats, catamaran, traditional yachts, super yachts or ribs and make your dream a realityby traveling under the brilliant sunshine of the Mediterranean.

The Greek islands, the lacy shores of the mainland, await you to discover Myth and their rich history. Smalland big diamonds of stunning brilliance emerge from their blue waters.

Among them are Halkidiki, Skiathos, Lefkada, Corfu, Zakynthos, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Folegandros, Samos, Chios and countless other beautiful destinations waiting to be welcomed.

Our company founded in April 2017 in Thessaloniki Greece. It consists of people who love and respectthe sea. Our team loves traveling and discovering new experiences beyond the ordinary. Our professionalexperience in the business sector and our passion for the sea was the driving force that prompted us todeal with this subject.

The quintessence of life lies in simplicity. True to the shipyard traditions that build their customers’ boatsstep by step, we decided to build an interactive on-line booking pleasure yacht platform step by step,according to the possibilities and desires of the simplest user. This was the idea of creating an easy-to-usewebsite but highly effective for both users and potential travelers through it as well as for ship owners.

The goal of Diamond Yachting is to enable everyone to discover rare destinations, customs and customs ofpeoples through the marvelous world of the sea. The turbulent development of digital technology isbecoming the vehicle that will communicate travelers with the ever-increasing number of professional boatsto be chartered. Experienced executives of professional yachting, top sailing boat brand name, catamaran,motor yachts, super yachts, ribs and traditional yachts work together with Diamond Yachting to make yourtrips easier. The comfortable and secure electronic platform becomes the bridgethat will unite all of us. Maritime journeys throughout the centuries have communicated peoples andcultures.

Unknown worlds were discovered by pioneers. You become the seafarers of your life, travel through mythand history, discover unique destinations unseen for many. This mysterious aquatic world can offer andcombine unforgettable moments. This magical experience and the immense freedom of Yachting want toshare with you.

We will be glad to be with us on this journey. Come discover new challenges that only the sea can offer.

The Diamond Yachting website provides information on areas that the visitor may choose as well as the types ofboats that their owners or managers are promoting for rent.

You can choose a captain charter or a captain-free charter.

Chartering rates are usually per week.

For less or more days and depending on the services provided by the boat managers, different prices areprovided.

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  • A lot of extras included in basic equipment.
  • For more information Visit our page and find equipment included/excluded per yacht!

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Created with Sketch. Thessaloniki , Greece
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from €188,50


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