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Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat

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Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat

Vourvourou, Halkidiki

Our Services

Enjoy the sea excursion experience with a private boat. It’s the safest and most economical way to explore the crystal clear waters and the enchanting beaches of Sithonia.

The most important: a navigator’s license is not required.

Our experienced staff will guide you, so you will quickly handle the boat effectively.

Your safety is guaranteed, as each boat has a GPS tracking device and furthermore, for support, a lifeboat is available throughout the day.

To enjoy your excursion we recommend the all-day rental but there are also other options, depending on the availability.

Why book with us?

  • You will be served by experienced staff
  • The boats are new and perfectly maintained
  • You can choose different types of rental
  • A lifeboat is available if needed
  • Free, safe and shaded parking for your car
  • Your boat will be waiting for you in the water


Hiring a boat is therefore the best choice to enjoy the magical feeling of the warm sun, the rejuvenating sea and the breeze of the Aegean.

Get into the picture and satisfy all your senses.

Halkidiki: A favorite destination for thousands of visitors every year. Enchanting beaches invite you to explore them, with the most attractive of them accessible only by the sea.

Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat services bring you closer to the dream. Visit secret and deserted sunbathing locations, tiny islands which are a paradise for snorkeling fans and admire the beauty of the lacy beaches that distinguishes the Greek coastline.

Sail free with our new boats. A license is not required, just an appetite for new experiences.


However, if you just want to be a passenger and relax, an experienced Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat skipper will accompany you to your excursion (upon request and availability).

For longer journeys, it’s possible to rent an inflatable cruiser of high horsepower, navigated by a skipper, for the entire day, to take you on magnificent routes that we can recommend (on arrangement).

Finally, we offer the Taxi Service which, upon availability, can transfer you and your friends and family tο locations that we’ll suggest to you or that you wish to visit on Diaporos island.


Book your excursion for the first days of your holiday so you can change the date in case the weather is not good.


The Place!


When you think about Vourvourou, a boat trip comes to mind.

With its nine-island archipelago, Vourvourou is a unique destination in Halkidiki. This group of islands are protected from the open sea and the water in the bay is calm and ideal for boat journeys. Therefore renting a boat is the “go to” in Vourvourou! Spend the day exploring the beaches and inlets of Diaporos and the other islands, or even the coastline of Sithonia. Take your picnic basket along and enjoy your day out in nature.

Vourvourou is not ideal just for small boats. Don’t be surprised if you see some yachts or sailboats anchored in the bay, as some of the wealthiest also enjoy the treasures that Vourvourou has to offer.

The real jewel of Vourvourou, however, is Diaporos (or Diapori or Island for the locals), which is located opposite Vourvourou, just 10 km from Agios Nikolaos in the municipality of Sithonia. It is the largest island of the archipelago. It has an area of ​​3.2 square km and most of it is covered by pines and in many places the foliage of the trees touches the sea. With its natural beauty, the lacy beaches and its magical landscape, it calms both mind and body.

Vourvourou can also be an excellent starting point for you to visit more of Sithonia’s spectacular sights, by car.



Diaporos, the beautiful island that is the areas’ main destination. It has been described as a secret paradise of Halkidiki, a magical island, an earthly paradise, an exotic island, the Scorpio of Northern Greece, the Caribbean of Greece, etc. It’s all of the above and even more! It is 3.2 sq km big and it’s the largest in a complex of nine islands. It provides the visitor with the opportunity to visit over 50 different beaches, each one with its own beauty and special features.

The most famous beaches of Diaporos are Blue Lagoon, Myrsini and Kryftos, however, even the lesser known are not far behind in beauty.

The Blue Lagoon is an extraordinary marvel that cannot be found anywhere else in Halkidiki. It’s located in a narrow passage between Diaporos island and another small island, called Agios Isidoros.

Blue Lagoon is a shallow bay with a white sandy sea bottom. This combination of white sand and shallow water allows the water to take a very glacier-blue color. From above it seems as if someone turned on underwater lights to lighten the lagoon like a dazzling gem – it’s absolutely stunning!

Just imagine yourself diving from the deck of a boat into the refreshing crystal water or snorkeling in this pool-like wonder with its astonishing clarity!

Myrsini beach is located opposite Vourvourou, on the east side of Diaporos and is most likely the most important reason to rent a boat. They also call it “White Beach” and “Hawaii”, you can easily understand why when you get there. White sand, rocks whitened by the sun and green pines complete the exotic scenery. Thanks to its location, it’s protected from the winds and the sea is always calm.

Kryftos is hidden in the large natural bay on the north side of Diaporos, where ships can go when the weather becomes stormy. It used to be a pirate refuge. The bay ends with shallow waters, which always remain warm and are suitable for winter swimmers.

Livari is also its own unique kind of beach. A narrow strip of sand that cuts the bay in half and forms a spectacular lagoon. Looking at it from afar it may look as if people are actually walking on water! Livari also has one of Halkidiki’s most spectacular sunsets, the view from Livari to Mount Athos is magnificent.

The islands Peristeri and Elia are located on the north side of Diaporos island and for many years they were probably the most “well hidden treasures” of Northern Greece.

These two islets have turquoise waters ideal for swimming, double beaches and small “blue lakes” that will impress even the most demanding visitor.

Lagonisi is a peninsula located south of Ormos Panagias. Its golden sand and emerald waters attract many visitors. In the area you can find tiny islands where you can really go on foot.

Ormos Panagias is a very picturesque port about 5 km north of Vourvourou. Boats and small ships leave from here for daily cruises to Mount Athos, which are of the most favorite tours in Halkidiki. The area receives many visitors during the summer. The main attractions are the traditional taverns located around, where you can enjoy fresh fish and the local cuisine.

Talgo, the beach that has one of the most famous beach bars in Halkidiki, where Parties and Live Events that have been organized, are truly unforgettable! Located next to the bay of Ormos Panagias, it offers excellent services, the sea is crystal clear, the beach is beautiful and the landscape is fantastic.

Karidi on the south end of the village is one of Halkidiki’s most beautiful beaches. With powdery sand and very shallow and calm water, this paradise is usually very crowded in the summer but still worth a visit.


General Information

Rental Conditions

  • Daily boat rental starts at 9:30 and ends at 18:30 unless otherwise agreed.
  • A navigators’ license is not required to rent a boat with an engine of 30 HP.
  • A motorboat lease agreement is signed by both the lessee and the lessor, on which the general terms as well as the cost of the equipment are mentioned.
  • The lessee-skipper must be over 18 years old.
  • The fuel that will be consumed is not included in the rental price.
  • Before departure “Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat”personnel will demonstrate the handling of the boat and inform the lessee about the general cruise regulations. All safety and navigation rules must be respected in accordance with the applicable laws. The instruction leaflet is on board.
  • Before departure, the lessee should check that the boat’s equipment mentioned in the rental agreement he/she has signed, is in excellent condition and it should be returned to the lessor in the same condition.
  • In case of damage or loss of the equipment, the lessee will be charged the corresponding value according to the signed price list.
  • The lessee is not allowed to sail in areas other than the ones marked on the map he/she has received before departure. Also, for his/her safety, he/she should consult the area map, as well as the boat user instructions throughout the rental period and contact the “Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat”representative for any problems or questions.
  • Οn rental day an ID card, passport or driving license is required.
  • The lessee should be at the meeting point at least 10’ before the specified time. Otherwise, he/she should inform the company’s staff in time and change the booking date/time, according to the availability.
  • Blue Lagoon Rent a Boat”has insured the boat for personal injuries and marine pollution.


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Where to find us

Halkidiki, Vourvourou (Livari beach)

630 78 Sithonia, Greece


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  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon, the wonder of nature with the astonishing clarity
  • Be enchanted from the view of the lacy coastline around the island of Diaporos and from the small peaceful beaches where the green of the pine mixes with the blue of the water
  • Enjoy the incomparable view of the pine covered mountain Itamos on the west and Mount Athos on the east. Take the best commemorative photos and share them with your loved ones
  • Enjoy fresh fish in Ormos Panagias after a special boat trip
  • Or just sail and allow the warm Mediterranean sun and the sea breeze relax your body and mind…

Charter & Services

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  • GPS tracking device
  • Experienced staff will guide you, so you will quickly handle the boat effectively
  • Free, safe and shaded parking for your car
  • Your boat will be waiting for you in the water

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Created with Sketch. Vourvourou, Sithonia, Chalkidiki
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from €80,00


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