Rafting is an extreme activity, ideal for those seeking action and connection with nature. It’s a unique experience that takes place at the most beautiful rivers of Greece with crystal clear waters.

The boat ride amongst densely vegetated deep gorges, greenery mountain slopes, waterfalls, impressive passes, arched stone bridges allows you to enjoy the scenery of stunning natural beauty.

According to the level of difficulty of every river and the amount of water due to rainfall, rafting addresses to both beginners and experts. Rafting centers are held at Ioannina, Nafpaktos, Karpenisi and several other spots in Greece and combine rafting with several other activities like hiking, canyoning, mountain biking, and sightseeing. Professional guides will help you at the descent of the river and lead you safely to the end of the destination. Some of the most famous Greek rivers for rafting are:

‘Voidomatis River’ is one of the clearest rivers in Europe and one of the best rivers for beginners. The route distance is about 5km and the duration 1.5hours. Some places to visit near the river are ‘Zagorochoria’ a group of traditional stone villages, amongst pine and fir tree-covered mountains, ‘Drakolimni’ an alpine lake, Vikos Gorge, and more.

‘Tavropos’ or ‘Megdovas’ is another easy river to explore. It has a route distance of 10km and duration of about 2 hours. After your rafting experience, you can visit the city of Karpenisi, some traditional villages, waterfall Viliani and more.

‘Arachthos River’, has a route distance of 10km, duration of about 2.5hours and alternative difficulties. The city of Ioannina and Tzoumerka, a traditional beautiful village is quite close to visit.

‘Evinos River’ has a medium grade of difficulty. Its route distance is 10 km, its duration is about 2hours and is near to the city of Nafpaktos, a beautiful town with an ancient castle and a Venetian harbor.

‘Loussios River’ has a route distance 8km, duration 2hours, and appeals to more experienced rafters. You can visit the picturesque traditional villages of Karytaina and Dimitsana.

If you want to differentiate from others and do something special on your vacations, then rafting is the ideal sport for you.

Enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, the crystal clear water of the rivers, have an adrenaline rush and why not to have a dive into the freezing waters!

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