A Destination for All Seasons

Peloponnese is one of the most popular regions of mainland Greece. Great archaeological sites, important monuments, historical places and great natural surroundings await you. Byzantine churches, findings of the Mycenaean civilization, medieval castles and Venetian fortresses constitute the background of Peloponnese.

Ancient Olympia

In fact, in the Peloponnese you will have the opportunity to explore the majesty of Ancient Greece. You can visit the Ancient Olympia, where the original Olympic Games were hosted. There, you can admire the Temple of Zeus, which was dedicated to the god Zeus, the Temple of Hera, which was also dedicated to the homonymous goddess as well as the Ancient Stadium and the impressive Archaeological Museum. Nowadays, the museum hosts some unique exhibits such as the sculptures of Zeus’ temple, the statues of Nike by Paeonios and Hermes by Praxiteles and other important findings dated to the 5th century B.C. as well. 

A mythical journey 

Peloponnese offers you also a fantastic journey through history! Do not miss the chance to wander around the medieval Mystra, the fortress city at Monemvasia and Mani. You will definitely feel like going back in time, as the unique aesthetics and the Medieval – Byzantine architecture will seduce you. 

A blessed land 

The Peloponnese is also widely known as an oil-producing region. The virgin olive oil and the Kalamata olives are considered among the best in Greece. However, the region cultivates other products of high quality as well, such as wines, oranges, trahana, hilopites and other traditional products. For instance, the whole region includes some great P.D.O. wine varieties like Nemea, Mantinia and Robola, while at Arcadia you will find exceptional handmade local products. 

Exotic beaches and outdoor activities 

Apart from the delicious products and the wonderful sites, the region provides you also with superb outdoor activities, rich natural landscapes and exotic beaches. So to speak, there are numerous hiking trails and paths, especially close to Taygetos Mountain as well as spectacular sandy beaches with turquoise waters such as Elafonisos and Voidokilia. 

Not miss discovering Peloponnese, a destination ideal for every month of the year!

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