The Fairytale Island of the Dodecanese

Located on the southeastern part of Greece, Karpathos is the second-largest island of the Dodecanese. It is believed to be the best travel destination in Greece for those who seek relaxing holidays, due to the untouched nature and the authentic Greek lifestyle. 

Let yourself get lost in the most traditional village of Greece, Olympos. Characterized as the “Balcony of the Aegean”, Olympos village of Karpathos Island boasts a spectacular view over the Aegean Sea, while being surrounded by huge mountains, it creates a unique dramatic backdrop. Apart from Olympos, the other villages of Karpathos are also worth a visit. So to speak, the tiny fishing village Diafani, the mountainous Aperi, as well as the picturesque Volada and the picture-perfect capital of Karpathos, Pigadia, are definitely worth exploring.

Arguably, the beaches of Karpathos Island are some of the most iconic beaches of the Aegean. Crowded or private, organized or without facilities, with pebbles or sandy, beaches of Karpathos can satisfy even the most demanding traveller. The clear azure waters, the breathtaking seabed, the green surroundings and the fantastic views amaze every visitor. 

As for the sightseeing and the things to do in Karpathos Island, the choices are endless. Among the best experiences are the traditional festivals accompanied by lyre and lauto, that are taking place around the villages during summer. The customs and traditions of the island steal the show, as the inhabitants of the villages still wear traditional dresses in their daily life, making the authentic Greek tradition alive. 

Don’t miss also discovering the incredible ecosystem as well as the ancient sites and the imposing landmarks of Karpathos. Not to mention the scrumptious cuisine and the local flavours of the island! 

Karpathos Greece is the ultimate summer destination for leisurely holidays!

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