The precious gem of Northern Greece

The most popular tourist destination of Northern Greece is Halkidiki and not for nothing! The incredible long beaches with fine golden sand and turquoise waters, the exotic small islands, the green landscapes and the traditional charming villages, explain why Halkidiki is first in the preferences of travellers, especially during the summer months.

The first peninsula named Kassandra is the most crowded, with numerous luxurious hotels and resorts as well as with fully organized beach bears. Kassandra Halkidiki is also well-known for its entertainment. Kallithea and Hanioti have the best night-clubs and cocktail bars of the whole region of Halkidiki. Ιf you want to live the ultimate unforgettable holiday experience, Kassandra Halkidiki is a must!

On the other hand, if you are in a mood of relaxing holidays, spending quality time with your family and your beloved ones, Sithonia is the best place. Full of secluded coves, clear blue waters, fine white sand and exotic surroundings, Sithonia Halkidiki should definitely be on your bucket list. Kavourotrypes, Kalamitsi, Kalogria and Lagomandra are considered as some of Halkidiki’s top beaches with stunning surroundings. However, there is also the third peninsula named Mount Athos, where you will find the homonymous monastic community also known as Agio Oros. 

In case you want to spend your time close to nature or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, all you need to do is set sail to the nearby islands of Halkidiki. You can reach the majestic Diaporos Island by renting a boat from Vourvourou, where you can enjoy the calm and crystalline warm waters or to explore the fascinating underwater world. Alternatively, you can enjoy a little sea excursion by renting a private boat from Marmaras. Is the best way to explore the enchanting beaches of Sithonia Peninsula as well as to admire the beauties of Halkidiki from a distance. 

Apart from the exotic beaches and the charming surroundings, Halkidiki has also to offer several other activities and things to do. Do not miss visiting its picturesque traditional villages such as Arnaia, Afytos and Taxiarhis, where you will have the opportunity to take a stroll through the cobbled streets, to admire the traditional Macedonian architecture as well as to taste local delicacies.

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