Τhe impressive mountainous region of northwestern Greece

Epirus is an amazing region with a rich history and many beautiful locations of great historical significance. Old stone-built bridges, alpine lakes, endless valleys and mountain ranges comprise the enchanting landscape of Epirus. For this reason, Epirus can be considered as an ideal destination for alternative tourism in Greece. Since most of the tourists choose the greek islands for their vacation, summer in mainland Greece could be a great opportunity if you want to experience alternative vacation close to nature. Epirus can give you everything you are seeking for, from splendid beaches with great surroundings to mountainous villages. 

Let’s explore further the beauties of Epirus and the best things to do if visiting!

The capital of Epirus is Ioannina, a popular university city known for the charming lake Pamvotida. Ideal for leisurely strolls, the city includes scenic narrow streets, stunning historical monuments, cool tavernas and pleasant coffee shops. Close to Ioannina city, you will also find the famous traditional villages Zagorohoria. There are about 46 spectacular villages, scattered on the mountains, hidden in nature which exude a mystical wild charm. Do not miss on the opportunity to pay a visit to the most popular of them such as Papingo, Monodendri and Konitsa. 

In the same vein, the mountainous side of Epirus has also to offer several other interesting activities. For nature lovers, a guide through the Vikos – Aoos National Park is a must! Partly, it belongs to the Pindus Mountain Range encompassing numerous rivers, lakes, caves and canyons. A true paradise on earth! On top of that, around 35 km from Vikos, you will find another sight which is considered as one of the most magical places of Greece, named Tymfi Drakolimni (Dragon Lake). By referring to the term Drakolimni we mean the alpine lakes that exist in the mountains of Epirus. Tymfi Dragon Lake is the most impressive of Greece as it is located at an altitude of 2,050 m. and it is well-known for the special alpine newts that it hosts. 

Though Epirus is known for its superb natural surroundings, it also has a beautiful coastline with supreme sea resorts and hotels. From Preveza, Parga, to Sivota and Igoumenitsa you will find captivating private beaches, well-organized with beach bars as well as tranquil lagoons. 

However, the culinary specialities of Epirus are just as admirable as its nature. A plethora of dairy products such as PDO kefalotyri and Metsovone, alevropita, trachanas and other handmade pasta, meat dishes like lamp and klefitko, PDO wines and others are among the most popular. 

From unique mountainous excursions to mesmerizing beaches, impressive Dragonlakes and interesting archaeological sites, Epirus has numerous things to explore!

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