The mesmerizing islands of Greece 

The Cyclades is undeniably the most popular island group of the Aegean Sea. Stunning sandy beaches, delicious local specialities, hospitable people, endless  Aegean views and the typical white-washed Cycladic architecture make your trip to the Cyclades a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Let’s explore further the majestic Cyclades islands!

Exotic beaches 

Imagine yourself lying down on a golden – sand beach, enjoying a refreshing cocktail by the sounds of mood music overlooking the endless Aegean Sea. Paros island is your target destination, with incredible crystal waters, long sandy beaches and great surroundings. However, if you need some privacy, Antiparos is a must. Unorganized beaches with an unspoiled environment can promise you the calmness and peacefulness you are looking for.  On the other hand, for the ultimate feeling of freedom, Mykonos is the best deal! Unspoiled areas, luxury villas and beach bars, vivid daily life as well as nightlife Mykonos island can offer you unique summer experiences. Santorini on the other hand, not only encompasses incredible volcanic black and red sand beaches with azure waters, but it also offers the most stunning views. Definitely an iconic destination! However, Mylos, Naxos, Serifos, Amorgos and all the other Cycladic islands offer beaches and sceneries of incomparable beauty. 

Cycladic architecture 

All the Cycladic islands are featured with the typical Cycladic architecture. White-washed houses, blue-domed churches, narrow cobbled alleys, colourful windows and doors and of course bougainvillaea flowers represent the traditional architecture of Cyclades. Of course, the picturesque small villages are characterized by the same features as well, boasting breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. 

Cycladic gastronomy 

Apart from the outstanding landscapes and the charming villages, Cyclades are also known for their traditional cuisine. Local specialities such as fresh seafood dishes, homemade pies, exceptional PDO wines and other protected designation of origin products like kopanisti, louza and fava are among the best. Not to mention the scrumptious Cycladic signature dishes such as revithada, ladenia, rosto and tomatokeftedes. 

From unique natural landscapes to breathtaking views and beaches of indescribable beauty, Cyclades islands is the top summer destination!

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