The emerald island of Greece

Located in the North of Ionian Sea, Corfu (Kerkyra) is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and one of the greenest.

The English and French influence, is evident throughout the island, while the strong Venetian element gives a cosmopolitan note to the island’s atmosphere.

Let’s explore further the beauties of this majestic Ionian island.


From the very first moment you behold Corfu, you will feel its graciousness which derives from the glorious past. The distinct architecture of the buildings, the multicultural heritage, the monuments and the impressive structures as well as the terrific natural landscape, justify why Corfu is one of the most popular and beloved destinations in the Mediterranean.

So to speak, you can discover the rich history of the famous kingdom of the Phaeacians by exploring its unique monuments and sites. Starting from the city of Corfu, you can stroll around the charming Old Town, where you will find the renowned Liston Square and the imposing Saint Spyridon Church. Remaining in the Old Town and along the sea close to Liston Spianada, dominates the Old Fortress of Corfu, which was created under the Byzantine domination and later completed under the Venetians. Nowadays, the Fortress hosts The Hellenic Music Research Lab of the Ionian University as well as many exhibitions and music concerts.

In addition, other places of interest at Corfu are the Museum of Asian Art, the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, the Temple of Artemis, the New Fortress and the famous Mon Repos Palace, which was built for the British Lord High Commissioner of the United States of the Ionian Islands, Frederick Adam and hosted also the Empress Elisabeth of Austria. After falling in love with the island, Empress Elizabeth built the Achilleion Palace as a summer shelter. Last but not least, close to the city of Corfu, you will find the well-known spot Kanoni, which offers an amazing view of Pontikonisi and the famous Monastery of Vlacherna.

Apart from the fascinating museums and historical sites, Corfu has many other things to do. Do not miss discovering the incredible traditional villages such as Sidari, Palaia Peritheia and Paleokastritsa. At Sidari you will find the prominent Canal d’Amour (Channel of Love), one of the most popular and unique beaches of the island. Palaia Peritheia on the contrary, is a beautiful scenic settlement built at an altitude of 450 meters in northern Corfu. Despite the fact that it is abandoned, during summer it operates as a tourist destination offering great tavernas with traditional local delicacies. As regards Paleokastritsa, it belongs among the most famous picturesque villages of Corfu island. In fact, this place has a fantastic beach with great surroundings and a historic monastery above the beach, which offers great views of the sea and the island.

As for Corfu beaches, each has its own character! Endless seashores with golden sand and crystalline waters, small, secluded with large white pebbles and crystal waters with lush nature as well as nestled sandy coves surrounded by green forests. Agios Georgios Pagon, Barbati, Sidari, Glyfada, Halikounas and Kerasia are definitely among the best.

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