Greece is a blessed country with outstanding biodiversity. Though 80% of Greece is mountains, the country has the longest coastline in Europe. It has more than 2.000 islands and one-fifth of Greece is included in the “European Network of Natura 2000”for its richness in ecology.

Greece has amazing National Parks. Some of them, are:

The National Park of Prespa which includes two beautiful lakes with a variety of bird and fish species.

Oeta National park hosts at least 50 endemic plant species and is regarded to be the 3d largest National Park.

Vikos – Aoos National Park includes beautiful gorges and canyons, caves, lakes and rivers, and dense forests. It is considered a UNESCO Geopark.

Alonissos Marine Park is one of the largest protected marine areas in Europe. It includes the island of Alonissos, six smaller islands and 22 islets. There are several rare species of flora and fauna.

In Zakynthos National Marine Park live the endangered Caretta – Caretta turtles.

Samaria National Park is the longest gorge in Europe. Also, it is the natural habitat for more than 450 plant species and many endemic animals such as the Kri Kri goat.

Pindos National Park includes mountain lakes, springs, rivers, dense forests, and wildlife.

Mount Olympus National Park is the natural habitat for a wide variety of fauna and flora species, a “UNESCO Biosphere Reserve” and one of “The Most Important Bird Areas of the European Community”.

With such a variety of wetlands, forests, rivers, beaches, gorges, mountains, Greece attracts thousands of tourists every year. They come not only for enjoying the beach and the sun but for getting in touch with nature and do the activities they love.

Hiking, mountain biking, horse riding into the forests, canyoning, bird watching at wetlands, climbing, rafting at the beautiful rivers are some of the tourists’ favorite outdoor activities. Snorkeling and diving are ideal for sea lovers who want to discover Greek marine life.

The trend of eco-friendly or Green Hotels in Greece has rapidly developed the last few years and is part of the Green Philosophy. Bioclimatic buildings are made with materials like wood, stone or marble. The furniture is handmade from eco-friendly materials, the decoration is natural. There are energy-saving appliances, ceiling fans, solar water heating, water saving-mechanisms, and many more.

These Green hotels promote the tradition, the culture, and the gastronomy of each region. They are located usually on large farms where tourists can stay and take part in the farmer’s daily activities.

Tourists can take part in several workshops like cooking lessons, soap making, gardening and learn all about the winemaking process, and many more. They can taste Greek homemade products like pies, pasta, jams, spoon sweets, bread, cheese, spreads, and other traditional Greek dishes.

Make an amazing journey into nature in Greece! Take a deep breath and be part of this beauty just for a while!

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