Agrotourism is a growing trend, a type of alternative tourism that attracts more and more tourists every year. It’s a complete traveling experience. Its main goal is the tourist to become one with nature. This can happen if the tourist stays on a farm and takes part in all the farmer’s daily activities.

So, what a tourist like YOU, can do in a Greek farm?

Depending on the season, the region, and the type of farm there are several fascinating activities.

You can pick olives by hand and transfer them to a traditional olive press, where you can learn all about the extract of oil and olive oil tasting.

You can harvest grapes and learn how wine, ouzo, tsipouro or raki are made.

You’ll never forget the cattle’s milking and the production of yogurt and cheese.

The harvest of fruits and the production of jams, liquors, and spoon sweets is quite an experience.

 The picking of mushrooms, the planting of vegetables, the picking of eggs, the feeding of animals, and the honey extraction will fascinate you.

You can take part in cooking lessons and make homemade food with fresh ingredients like tomato sauces, fresh pasta, pies, bake country-style bread, pies, yogurt, etc.

You can take part in pottery or crafts lessons. You can learn how the wax ointments and olive-oil based soaps are made. These are a few of the activities, Greek agrotourism may offer to you.

Agrotourism enterprises are run mostly by families in several regions in Greece, both in the mainland and islands. Their beautiful guesthouses are ready to welcome you. The owners are inviting you to take part in the most fascinating world of their farm and share with you all their knowledge and experience.

 Step into this world and become one with nature! Develop new skills, learn all about farming, ecology, have educational lessons! Have agrotourism holidays!

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51 hotels found

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